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Seabird cities: photographic opportunities abound in the numerous seabird colonies dotted around the British Isles, but be sensitive to the feathered inhabitants and watch out for flying guano. After the war Pentax the corporation's name being derived from the words ' Pentaprism ' and 'Reflex' made many notable advances in camera design.

Eyes like an eagle.

It uses a pentaprism single-lens- reflex SLR viewfinder and 1. A snapshot of Sigma's SD9 and its competition.

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To measure the squareness of axes, a pentaprism is used to bend the autocollimator light beam accurately 90 deg. Measuring flat, straight, and tilt. Sitting next to the Nikon D3s, its higher than it in height but a little narrower in depth, with a noticeably smaller pentaprism bulge, which is obvious given the huge viewfinder that full frame cameras have. Dictionary browser?

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